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FRIDAY FEATURE - BRIX on the Fox: A Historic Gem Transformed into Chicagoland's Premier Event Venue


Welcome to The BRIX on the Fox, where timeless history meets modern elegance.

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Nestled in a beautifully restored building from the 1880s, BRIX on the Fox stands as a testament to the rich heritage of the Illinois Condensing Company, later known as the Borden Condensed Milk Company. Originally serving as a living area for cows, this expansive structure underwent various transformations over the years, changing hands and falling into disrepair. However, thanks to the visionary team at OTTO Engineering, the BRIX on the Fox has been lovingly revitalized to its former glory.

Constructed using the historic "Haeger Yellow Brick," the Borden Condensed Milk Company building carries immense significance. In 2014, OTTO Engineering acquired the property and embarked on an extensive renovation journey. Known for their expertise in restoring dilapidated historic buildings, OTTO meticulously brought the 32,000 sq. ft. structure back to life, meticulously recreating the original façade and interior brickwork.

Interior Renovations and Venue Offerings:

In May 2018, the BRIX on the Fox, Inc. initiated interior renovations, transforming the space into a captivating event venue.

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The flagship Two-Sixty, boasting 9,000 sq. ft. of rustic elegance, hosted its first wedding in September 2018, captivating guests with its timeless charm. Following its success, the Industria, a separate venue within the expansive building, was unveiled in July 2019 and celebrated its inaugural wedding on New Year's Eve of the same year.

The BRIX on the Fox is proud to offer two distinct venues that cater to diverse event styles and preferences. The Two-Sixty, spanning 9,000 sq. ft., combines rustic charm with contemporary sophistication, accommodating over 300 guests. For a touch of industrial chic, The Industria, spanning 7,000 sq. ft., provides an intimate setting for up to 200 cherished attendees. Both spaces are designed to be a canvas for your imagination, allowing you to bring your unique vision to life.

Unparalleled Features and Amenities:

At The BRIX on the Fox, they believe in delivering exceptional experiences. Their all-inclusive pricing approach eliminates the stress of hidden costs and provides a seamless planning process. As an added bonus, they offer a photo booth for capturing unforgettable memories. With the flexibility to bring your own catering and bar services, you have the freedom to curate a culinary experience that matches your taste. Plus, their world-class sound system ensures that every word spoken and every note played resonates with perfection.

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Step into The BRIX on the Fox and embark on a journey through time and beauty. Their historic venue, lovingly restored to its former glory, offers an unparalleled backdrop for your most cherished celebrations. Whether you choose The Two-Sixty or The Industria, they can promise an unforgettable experience where elegance, heritage, and your unique style converge. Discover the possibilities and create memories that will last a lifetime at The BRIX on the Fox.

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