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Cafe Elegante - Your 24/7 Gourmet Oasis

Updated: Feb 19

Welcome to Café Eleganté - a unique culinary gem where convenience and gourmet meet in the most delightful way. Wondering how it all works? Let's peel back the curtain on your new favorite dining spot.

How Café Eleganté Serves Up Convenience with Flair

At Café Eleganté, we've embraced the honor system, marrying self-service with sophistication. Imagine strolling through a selection of gourmet offerings, selecting your pleasure, and swiftly checking out at our digital kiosk. Whether you're tapping your card, using Apple Pay, or Google Pay, the power is in your hands - and no, we don't take cash; it's just one more way we keep things streamlined and secure.

The Café Eleganté Difference: A Legacy of Quality

We're not your average café. Birthed from the renowned kitchens of Eleganté Cuisine, with over 40 years of creating gastronomic experiences in Chicagoland, Café Eleganté is our latest innovation. Our dishes? Crafted fresh in our scratch kitchen in Arlington Heights, they journey to you daily, ensuring a bite of freshness every time.

Always Open, Always Ready

Our doors don't close because your cravings don't clock out. Café Eleganté is your round-the-clock retreat, open 24/7 to satisfy your gourmet needs, whenever the hunger pangs hit.

Who We Cater To: The Gourmet Professional

Our clientele? Discerning professionals who dwell in the hustle and bustle of multi-tenant office buildings. Café Eleganté is a haven for those who seek a quick, upscale dining experience without the downtime.

A Melting Pot Menu: Diverse, Gourmet, Convenient

Our menu is a mosaic of global flavors - from savory poke bowls and zesty noodles to classic sandwiches, wraps, and pastas. And for those evenings when you're seeking a family dinner without the fuss, our frozen gourmet selections are the perfect take-home to impress at the dinner table. With a spread that includes chicken, beef, and a rainbow of ethnic specialties, there's always something to tantalize your taste buds.

So, next time you're looking for a quick, gourmet bite or a family dinner fix, remember Café Eleganté is here for you - any hour, any day.

Dive into our diverse menu and enjoy the unparalleled convenience of our innovative dining experience. Welcome to your new culinary community, welcome to Café Eleganté.

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