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Friday Feature: Discover the Charm and History of Events at Gather

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In the heart of Pingree Grove, a town with a rich historical heritage, stands a captivating event venue known as Gather. This remarkable space holds a special place in the community's heart, as it was once a functioning Lutheran church established in 1910. Despite being abandoned at one point, the structure was never forgotten. Through a careful and dedicated restoration process, the building has been transformed into a venue that promises unforgettable gatherings and celebrations for years to come.

During the restoration of Gather, a commitment to preserving the local heritage was evident. The lumber and materials used in the renovation were sourced from E.A. Franzen, a local resident and owner of the lumber business at the time. This connection to the community adds an extra layer of significance to the venue. The church, originally named the German Lutheran Church of Pingree Grove when it was organized in 1890, was purchased by the congregation in June of 1935 for a mere $500.

One of the standout features of Gather is its bell tower, which still proudly stands today. This tower houses two separate bells, with their pulls extending into the foyer. These bells serve as a reminder of the history and significance of the venue, adding a touch of authenticity and charm.

Gothic stained-glass windows, sourced from Kokomo, Indiana, were installed in 1948, enhancing the venue's aesthetic appeal. These beautiful windows fill the space with soft, captivating light and add an elegant touch to the interior. The congregation continued to occupy the building until 2014, when it was dissolved and generously donated to the village.

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After years of sitting vacant, the building finally found new life in 2020 when it was purchased and underwent extensive renovations. The result is a breathtaking space spanning over 2600 square feet. The interior of Gather showcases stunning details and thoughtful design choices. The upper level offers a bright, open space featuring tall ceilings and magnificent stained-glass windows. This level sets the stage for memorable events with its timeless charm and warm ambiance. On the lower level, a speakeasy vibe lounge adds a touch of sophistication and intimacy.

Gather also boasts an outdoor space, which has been thoughtfully designed to complement the interior. A new courtyard and cocktail patio provide a perfect setting for celebrating special moments with loved ones under the open sky.

If you are in search of a truly unique venue that is steeped in history, Gather welcomes you with open arms. The venue caters to various events, including weddings, privately hosted celebrations, group sales, and fundraising events. Rental costs vary depending on the type of event, ensuring that each occasion receives the appropriate pricing.

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Regardless of the event type, Gather has the flexibility to create an intimate setting. The venue was purposefully designed to accommodate groups of up to 80 guests, allowing for an atmosphere that fosters connection and shared experiences.

For those dreaming of exchanging vows at Gather, both the indoor and outdoor spaces can comfortably seat up to 80 guests. The venue does not charge an extra fee for hosting ceremonies, providing couples with the convenience of having their ceremony and reception at one location.

To secure your desired event date and space at Gather, the process is straightforward. Simply reach out to one of their dedicated event coordinators to obtain a contract. A non-refundable deposit, equal to one-third of the venue fee, is required, along with a signed contract, to secure your event.

When it comes to the practicalities of your event, Gather Event Venue has you covered. They provide ten 72" round tables that can seat 8-10 people each, ensuring ample seating for your guests. The venue has enough tables and chairs to accommodate 80 guests both indoors and outdoors. However, it's worth noting that linens are available at an additional charge.

Gather's outdoor space is a highlight, especially during peak season events. The venue includes the outdoor area for hosting ceremonies and/or cocktail hours. For non-peak season events, the outdoor space is available for an additional cost, allowing you to take advantage of the beauty of the surroundings.

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Situated in Kane County, Gather holds a special place within the local community. It proudly represents the town's history and offers a unique setting for events that reflects the region's heritage.

When it comes to food and beverages, Gather does not impose a food and beverage minimum. As an event space, Gather does not have on-site catering fee requirements. However, the village has specific catering regulations that must be followed. The venue can provide you with a list of their preferred caterers (like Elegante Cuisine) and the necessary catering requirements to ensure compliance with the village's guidelines.

In terms of alcohol service, Gather requires that all beverage services be handled by a licensed and insured alcohol caterer who is permitted by the village to serve. The venue has a trusted catering partner that they can recommend to fulfill this requirement.

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Gather Event Venue offers a one-of-a-kind experience, blending history, elegance, and convenience. With its beautifully restored space and a commitment to providing a memorable experience, Gather is an exceptional choice for your next event. Step into a world where the past merges with the present, creating an atmosphere that is both captivating and inviting. Let Gather be the backdrop for your most cherished memories, where history and celebration intertwine.

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